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XERVON works in various sectors in the industry.

XERVON Egypt’s reliability, in-depth knowledge and stringent quality standards make it the ideal partner for industrial businesses

Dedicated to serving individual sectors

XERVON Egypt has focused on serving a select number of core industries right from the very start. And there is a very good reason for doing this. By concentrating on these areas, we know exactly what each individual sector needs. Having worked in these fields for decades now, we know each and every process our customers use – enabling us to offer them future-oriented solutions that not only add value to their business but also increase efficiency and safety levels.

Chemical and petrochemical industry

XERVON Egypt is a well-known and well respected name within the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Thanks to our years of experience and specialist expertise, we are able to offer a full range of maintenance services for chemical and petrochemical plants. Priority is always given here to maximising the availability of the facilities, maintaining the value of the equipment and adhering to the highest safety standards to keep both people and the environment safe.

Oil and gas industry

High pressure, high temperatures, water, steam and chemicals: the processes used by the oil and gas industry are extremely demanding – on both the machines and the people operating them. Safety is the number one priority in this sector as inconsistencies may not only have an impact on the business but on the environment as well. XERVON Egypt is well known for its reliability and expertise thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of this industry.

Power industry

The power sector is and will continue to be one of the biggest industries of the future. The aim of all stakeholders here is to generate reliable supplies of energy that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly. XERVON Egypt helps them to meet these important goals by providing them with bespoke scaffolding and insulation services. Moreover, it can deliver a whole range of maintenance services for power stations and any ancillary facilities linked to these.

Food and beverage

For many years now, there have been stringent rules and regulations in place determining levels of safety, hygiene and precision in the food and beverage industry. At the same time, this sector is in a state of continuous change. Very few other industries have to cope with such large numbers of new products and varieties of product being launched onto the market at such a rapid rate. XERVON Egypt offers a range of services that has been specially adapted to meet the specific requirements of the food and drinks industry.

Manufacturing industry

Both manufacturing and processing businesses play a central role in a country’s national economy. It is essential, therefore, that their buildings and facilities are reliable and efficient. A machine error not only causes downtime – it can also have a major impact on the whole of the supply chain. XERVON Egypt helps its customers in this industry by providing innovative solutions to ensure their operations run smoothly in all areas of their business.

Pharmaceutical industry

Having provided the pharmaceutical industry with professional and reliable services for so many years, XERVON Egypt knows exactly what these businesses need to be able to carry out their day-to-day work. The results: long-standing partnerships and a portfolio of services that focuses entirely on the specific requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

Architectural and commercial

New construction methods and innovative building materials, mechanisation and rationalisation, the demand for energy-efficient construction processes. These all impact on the way building work is planned, executed and managed and those working in this sector have to constantly adapt to these fundamental changes. Which is why XERVON Egypt’s range of services is continuously being further developed so that the company can offer its customers pioneering and innovative solutions for their construction projects – no matter how large or small their plans may be.

Other sectors

Over the years, XERVON Egypt has planned and successfully completed numerous projects. No matter whether these involve complex scaffolding projects, repairing concrete structures for the building industry or delivering professional services to industrial plants – they all have one thing in common: to provide our customers with innovative and expert solutions from start to finish.

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